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Kingsdown Beach Works Exhibition


In this exhibition we explain why the works are needed, what is going to be done, where it will be carried out and when it’s likely to happen. It also discloses how the construction work is likely to affect residents, visitors and wildlife and the steps we shall take to mitigate against this disruption.

The start and finish dates we give for the various parts of the work have to be treated with a bit of caution. All construction work, and particularly work on the coast, is subject to events beyond our direct control – storms and bad weather, for instance, will slow things down, good weather will help them along. The dates and times we have given are our best estimate right now and we intend to update them as the job progresses.

East Kent Engineering Partnership’s staff have designed the project and they will be supervising its construction on a day‐to‐day basis.

  • Wijma UK Ltd have been awarded the contract to supply the groyne timber.
  • The main contractor for the sea defence works has not been appointed yet.

The final, but most important, partner in the team is of course you. Residents of Kingsdown, interest groups and Councillors have all been very helpful in progressing the project. There will inevitably be some disruption and disturbance whilst the works are on‐going but we will try hard to avoid it as much as possible


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Liam Wooltorton, Canterbury City Council: Tel: 01227 862454, email


Keith Watson, Dover District Council: Tel: 01304 872399, email


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