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COVID-19 Energy Advice

Advice From Ofgem

  • Medically vulnerable clients should apply to the Suppliers Priority Services register - please note, extra support is available as a result of successful registration – including priority assistance during power outages and – possibly - financial support.
  • Inform energy suppliers immediately if you are unable to top-up prepayment meters, even if you have sufficient credit for the time being.
  • Energy suppliers must provide customers with details of support available if they are unable to top-up. This may include sending a top-up directly to the meter, sending out a preloaded top-up card or sending an engineer to top up the meter.
  • No credit meters will be disconnected during this outbreak.
  • Energy companies must offer affordable repayment arrangements for customers who fall into debt.
  • Additional financial support will likely become available to assist with debts and debt write-off as part of the Govt financial response package.

General information / requests from all energy companies:

  • Energy companies will deal with emergency call outs only. No new smart meters will be fitted.
  • If an emergency appointment needs to go ahead, please notify the energy company if anyone within the household is:


  • self-isolating
  • showing any symptoms of respiratory illness
  • vulnerable - aged 65+, pregnant, disabled or otherwise unwell


  • Energy companies are requesting that customers do not contact them unless it is an emergency or in the interests of vulnerable customers. Expect long waits. 
  • Please disinfect cards and keys before and after use.
  • Supplies of cards and keys are running very low nationwide.
  • Most energy companies top-up using either payzone, paypoint or the post office. If your usual top-up facility is closed, you can locate the nearest alternative facility by using the following websites:


Kent Support and Assistance Service

(KSAS) are providing short term assistance for residents who have experienced a reduction in income/ loss of employment or suffered financially from Coronavirus. The assistance on offer includes pre-paid energy vouchers.

Help from some of the larger suppliers can be found at:

British Gas








Scottish Power