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Kent Energy Deal - Collective Energy Switching Scheme

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 Important Changes to the Auction Process

Due to the energy crisis, (gas wholesale prices have quadrupled in the last year) the Spring increase in the price cap, and the predicted price cap increase in Autumn  the switching market in its entirety is at a standstill.  Rather than a specific fixed date for auctions (as in previous years) an open-ended auction will be held when the prices are right and there is the potential of obtaining an offer for residents. iChoosr will continue to monitor the situation and talk with suppliers to stay aware of any price/market changes.

For more information and advice regarding the energy price rise please visit https://bigcommunityswitch.co.uk/kent/info/why-are-my-energy-bills-going-up.

Registrants in the May auction group will receive an email/letter explaining the situation and if and when as offer is obtained, they will be contacted.

If you are interested in being part of the open-ended auction, register your details through the link below or alternatively leave your contact details on 01304 872332 to receive a call back to help with the registration process.


 Information about the Winter auction held on 15th February 2022

Due to the current energy market with record rises in gas prices over the last 6 months, energy suppliers were not able to bid with tariffs below, or even close to the new Ofgem Price Cap which is a £693 increase (54%) and takes effect from 1st of April. Therefore, personal energy offers will not be sent out to residents for the Winter auction, as it would not make economic sense to switch to a fixed tariff at this time.

Online registrants will receive an email explaining the situation, and the opportunity to opt into the next auction. Offline registrants will receive a letter  with an explanation of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this auction and will be automatically enrolled in the open ended auction. Residents can call 0800 048 8285  if they do not want to take part in the next auction round.

Under the current circumstances the advice is:

  • If you are on a Standard Variable Tariff don’t switch. Your current energy supplier may offer you a fixed tariff which you may want to consider accepting if it is cheaper than remaining on the Standard Variable Tariff, but this is unlikely right now.


  • If you are on a fixed tariff don’t switch. This is assuming you fixed your tariff before the recent rises in the market, this is likely to represent a good deal compared to what is in the market now, so you should stay on your fixed tariff until the end of your contract.       

 About Kent Energy Deal

Kent Energy Deal has been in operation since collective energy switching began in the UK in 2013.  Kent Energy Deal is a partnership between Kent Councils and iChoosr to help residents save money on their energy bills by using combined buying power to access highly competitive tariffs.  Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Tonbridge & Malling and Tunbridge Wells are the partner Councils that run the scheme, however online registration is open to any resident no matter what District/ Borough they live in.

Participation is completely free with no obligation to switch.  Kent Energy Deal usually holds 3 auction rounds a year, Autumn, Winter and Spring (auctions October, February and May). Register for the auction round that most closely aligns to the end of your current fixed tariff.

 How to take part

Registration requires details of energy consumption (on energy bill/annual energy statement - preferably in kWhs), name of current supplier and current tariff.

For more information and to register https://bigcommunityswitch.co.uk/kent/landing 

  •  Due to restrictions on the scheme the council is not allowed to send out reminders to residents who have switched through the scheme in the past two years.  Therefore, please keep a note of your current tariff expiry date and register for the auction that coincides with that date.

Four things you should do

  • Grab your bill and register yourself - it's free, easy and without obligation
  • Tell your neighbours about the scheme
  • Help your relatives if they are not used to registering their details online (you can register on their behalf)
  • Help people without internet access to register with you online.
  • If you live in one of the Council areas that run the scheme (Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Tonbridge & Malling and Tunbridge Wells) and do not have internet access then contact your participating authority for assistance with registration.

Want to know more?

Alternative energy switching options are available through Ofgem accredited comparison sites.

Logos of participating Councils: Dartford Borough Council, Dover District Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council, Tunbridge Wells Borough CouncilThis scheme is organised by Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Tonbridge and Malling and Tunbridge Wells Councils.

Information on collective switching can be found on the Department of Business,Energy and Industrial Strategy website


Contact us

Tel: 01304 872414

Email: energy@dover.gov.uk