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Energy Tips

  • Switch off the computer and TV at the set. If left on stand-by with the red light illuminated it uses up to 25% of the power
  • Take a shower instead of a bath; it uses less than half the hot water and can save over £10 per year. Repair dripping taps you will be surprised just how much water can be wasted.
  • Put aluminium foil behind any radiators fitted on outside walls - this saves heat losses and reflects heat back into the room saving up to £10/yr.
  • Choose the right size pan for cooking and use the lid. Choose the right size ring to fit the pan or turn down the gas. Keeping pans covered will also help reduce condensation which can cause mould growth and spoil decorations.
  • Don't overfill your kettle. Only put in the amount of water that you need. When replacing your kettle consider buying the jug type as this is more economical when boiling water for a single cup of beverage.
  • Draw your curtains in the evening when it's cold and the heating is on.
  • Use your washing machine economically. Wait until you have a full load and choose a cool cycle of 40 deg C for most washing.
  • Turn the room thermostat down 1 deg C and save between £15 - £30 a year
  • Install low energy lamps where lights are left on for more than 3 hours a day, and remember to turn off any unnecessary lighting.
  • Putting your fridge or freezer in a cool place will save you money as the appliance will not need to work so hard.
  • Fitting an insulating jacket on your domestic hot water storage cylinder will save heat and save you between £30 and £40 a year

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