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Energy Tips

Energy prices are currently higher than they have been for a long time, and although small measures are not going to undo the huge rises in cost you may be witnessing , the following tips will help to save the pounds and can soon add up.

Be efficient around the home

Here are a few things that you should consider around the home:

  • Turning down your thermostat by 1oC could save you up to £55 a year.
  • You can save around £35 a year just by remembering to turn your devices off standby mode. Most electronic devices can be turned off at the mains without affecting their programming.
  • Consider having a smart meter installed if your supplier offers it. This helps to indicate where you are spending the most on your energy, so you can take steps to cut down the usage in them areas where possible.
  • Changing all your standard light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs could save you up to £45 a year. Remember to switch off lights when not required or leaving a room too.

 Sharpen up in the kitchen

The Kitchen is a great start where you can make subtle changes to help reduce your energy bills:

  • Using your dishwasher one cycle less per week could save £8 a year on energy.
  • Using your washing machine one cycle less per week could save £8 a year on energy.
  • Only filling the kettle with the amount of water you require will save around £6 a year.
  • Look to use the most energy efficient appliances to ensure you are not spending more than you need to.
  • Washing your clothes at 30-40oC will save you money as 90% of a washing machine’s energy is used heating the water.
  • Choose the right size pan for cooking and use the lid. Choose the right size ring to fit the pan or turn down the gas. Keeping pans covered will also help reduce condensation which can cause mould growth and spoil decorations.                                                        

 Be smart in the bathroom

Personal hygiene is important for helping to keep your body healthy and clean, but you can still make small changes to reduce your energy usage for this daily activity:

  • Reducing your shower time by 1 minute could save you £4 per year
  • Replacing an older inefficient shower head with a water efficient one could save £28 off your gas bills and around £47 off your water bills each year  (based on a family of four, with a water meter).

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