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Energy Facts and Figures

  • The average household in the UK is responsible for about six tonnes of CO2 emissions every year - enough to fill six hot air balloons 10 meters in diameter.
  • The average home produces more Carbon Dioxide than the average family car.
  • Reducing wastage by carrying out energy saving measures could save the average household £200/yr. It is estimated that £5billion worth of energy is wasted annually in the UK.
  • If everyone in the UK installed cavity wall insulation emissions of CO2 would be reduced by nine million tonnes. That's enough to fill 51 million double decker buses
  • If everyone in the UK upgraded their old refrigerator to an A-rated appliance, energy wastage would be cut by over two thirds. That's equivalent to 47 million hot air balloons of CO2 and over £1 billion on fuel bills.
  • CO2 emissions would be cut by 0.45 million tonnes if every household in the UK put an insulating jacket on their hot water cylinder.
  • If everyone in the UK with gas central heating installed a condensing boiler, we would cut CO2 emissions by 18.6 million tonnes. This is enough energy to power four million homes for a year.
  • In most homes, lighting accounts for 10 - 15% of the electricity bill. In fact, UK households use £1.2 billion worth of electricity every year on lighting. If every UK household installed 3 CFL's this would save enough energy in a year to supply all street lighting.

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