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Renewable Energy

Before considering investing in renewable energy technologies you should:

  • Reduce your energy consumption – use energy efficient light bulbs, buy energy efficient appliances etc 
  • Maximise efficiency – insulate your home, the orientation of new properties should be build to take full advantage of the light and heat from the sun (passive solar gain)
  • Remember when you need to use fossil fuels, use them as efficiently as possible. 

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy comes from sources which will not run out, for example the sun or the wind. It is clean energy which does not produce harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which contribute to adverse climate change.

Why do we need to use Renewable Energy?

The majority of the UK’s energy comes from burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas. Fossil fuels are finite resources that produce greenhouse gases when burnt which contribute to climate change. 

Generating your own energy from renewable energy technologies can help you to meet your own energy requirements and reduce your home's carbon dioxide emissions. There are financial benefits too. If you install a renewable energy system, you could be paid for the electricity it produces.

Fossil fuels like coal have taken millions of years to form, and once mined and burnt, it cannot be replaced.  The remaining fossil fuels are increasingly difficult to extract which is more costly and in turn increases the price to the consumer.

When burnt fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases that cause adverse climate change.

The world is becoming evermore energy hungry, and therefore more power is required to satisfy the increased demand.

What are Renewable Technologies?

Renewable energy technologies can be split into two different categories, those that generate electrical energy and those that generate heat.

Electrical Energy generating technologies


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