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Environmental Education and Engagement

Educational Talks

The Environmental Crime Team offer educational talks to schools and community groups throughout the district relating to littering, dog fouling, responsible dog ownership and fly tipping.

We have visited many primary and secondary schools to provide talks relating to the impact of littering and dog fouling on our environment, wildlife and health and what the legal implications are.  The talks are engaging, interactive and certainly memorable! 

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Please contact us at envcrime@dover.gov.uk if you would like to book a session or if you would like to receive further information.


Interesting Facts (Litter and Dog Fouling)

  • If you are caught littering or not picking up after your dog the penalty is up to £100
  • Littering is a criminal offence
  • Over 70,000 pets and wild animals are hurt in Britain every year because of litter
  • It costs around £858 million a year to clean the streets of England
  • Cigarette Butts are one of the most commonly dropped forms of litter
  • A drinks bottle takes around 450 years to biodegrade as per the time lines shown below

 Litter biodegradable chart Facebook


  • The UK dog population is estimated to be around 13 million and they produce 1000's of tonnes of excrement each day
  • Dog faeces may contain a roundworm called Toxocara canis and the eggs from this roundworm can be found in the faeces of dogs that have not been wormed.  If these roundworm are swallowed it can cause health problems such as aches and pains and in rare cases eyesight can be damaged.


Get Creative

Click here to download, print and enjoy our Ocean Activity Sheet

Rather than throwing your waste items away, you could use them to create your very own robot (like our very own Fred and Wilma shown below) or anything else you feel like making!  We would love to see your artwork so please do send in photos to envcrime@dover.gov.uk