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Great British Beach Clean

What is the Great British Beach Clean?


The Great British Beach Clean is a week-long citizen science event.

The campaign, run by the Marine Conservation Society, encourages volunteers to sign up for beach cleans up and down the country; they also ask people to run a litter survey by recording all the items of rubbish found in a 100m stretch and use this data to campaign for real change. 

This year's event takes place between Friday 17th - Sunday 26th September 2021.

Why participate in the Great British Beach Clean?

Last year, over 2,000 people took part across 459 events.  These volunteers found an average of 425 items of litter per 100m of shoreline and collected over 3 tonnes of litter.  Almost 30% of beaches found PPE and 99% found drinks litter.

Litter can also harm wildlife. The RSPCA received 7,400 calls to report incidents of animals injured by litter in 2018 in England and Wales. Around 80% of the plastic in our oceans comes from litter dropped inland – you can be part of the solution and help ensure the plastic doesn’t reach the sea! 

Taking part in the Great British Beach Clean is also good for your own well-being and connecting with others in your community.

How can I take part?

You can join a beach clean or organise your own by visiting Marine Conservation Society / Find a beach clean.

Alternatively there are #2minutebeachclean stations placed around the main beaches across the Dover District, which encourage beach users to spare two minutes to carry out a beach clean. 

What are we doing?

The Environmental Crime Team will be hosting two community events to help raise awareness of how important it is to keep our beaches free from litter.  These events will be taking place (weather permitting):

  • 18th September 2021 (10am until 2pm) - Walmer Green
  • 25th September 2021 (10am until 2pm) - Dover Promenade (next to the pedestrian crossing area)

Litter and Fly Tipping

If litter and fly tipping is an issue in your area, we would encourage you to report this to us. We can arrange for the area to be cleansed by our street cleansing team in publicly maintained areas and arrange for our Environmental Enforcement Officers to conduct patrols to help tackle the issues experienced

Want to do even more by becoming a Community Caretaker?

A Community Caretaker is a volunteer who gives up their spare time to help the community. 

Community Caretakers can help with anything which helps the local community, including: 

  • litter picking 
  • painting 
  • planting 
  • sweeping 
  • repairs 
  • clearing snow 

Community Caretakers have access to community stores. A community store is a local unit holding tools, materials, equipment and protective clothing. 

For further information on the Community Caretakers Scheme please visit Community-Caretakers

Great British Beach Clean