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What is it? 

The LitterLotto is a free mobile phone app which provides the opportunity for users to win on the spot prizes and weekly jackpots for 'doing the right thing and putting their litter in the bin'. It is downloadable from both the App Store on ISO and Google Play store on Android phones. 


A photograph of a person picking-up litter and using the app on their smartphone.

How does it work?

Once you have downloaded the app, you simply use it to take a photograph as you place your litter in the bin. All litter counts, from a single cigarette stub, to a takeaway meal box.

Each time you bin a piece of litter, you get another entry into the LitterLotto weekly jackpot of £1,000 and more chances to win spot prizes between £5 and £250 and the newly introduced LitterLotto Coins.

To ensure people don't cheat, it has algorithms in place and all winning entries are verified before pay out.


Partnering with LitterLotto

In March 2023, Dover District Council (DDC) partnered with LitterLotto for a period of 12 months with the shared aim of reducing street litter. 

Each time you bin a piece of litter in our district you are not only entered into the LitterLotto national £1,000 weekly jackpot but also the Dover District local jackpot. Each month, a winner will be selected to receive £100 local jackpot. In support of the Great British Spring Clean Campaign, which took place in March 2023, DDC provided two additional weekly local jackpots of £100.

Our local Great British Spring Clean winners were Linda Ford and Jen Dutton both from Deal, Kent pictured below: 

A big congratulations to both Linda and Jen on their win! To become binner winners like Linda and Jen all you need to do is download the LitterLotto app and do the right thing and put your litter in the bin!

Top tips to help users get started

LitterLotto has provided some top tips to help new users make the most of the app.

  1. Look down: Walk along any street and you'll notice the biggest source of litter is cigarette butts. It recommends users use gloves, hand sanitiser and/or litter pickers when collecting others' litter.
  2. Discarded packaging: It's not just your own burger or chicken box that gets you an entry into LitterLotto.  You're never far from an empty crisp packet, chocolate bar wrapper, plastic bottle or any other packaging that's been discarded. 
  3. Make it count: In short, if you try and cheat, LitterLotto says it recognises it and none of your entries will count. This includes putting the same cigarette butt in the bin over and over and emptying a litter bin and then putting it back bit by bit.
  4. Perfect pictures: When you take your picture, your photo needs to have certain content to recognise it as a valid entry. 

LitterLotto asks people to help it understand what it is looking at by making sure your image includes the mouth of the litterbin you're posting into, the product you're binning and your hand.

The photo should be taken at the very point you're about to let go of the litter.

Missing out any of these will mean it may not be able to understand it and you may not qualify for entry. 


The app is under constant development with new features being introduced all the time. Recent updates include a ranking system whereby you can compare your binning with others in your area, and if you are a regular litter picker, you can now bulk upload your photos! For more information and to keep up to date please visit the LitterLotto website