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Smoking Related Waste

  • Contrary to popular belief, smoking-related waste is litter.
  • If you stub out your cigarette (or cigar or roll-up) in a public place and do not pick up the butt, you are committing a criminal offence by littering.
  • It's the same if you flick the butt out of the car window or simply drop it on the pavement after you have finished smoking.
  • There are still too many people who may, these days, think twice about dropping a drinks can or takeaway carton on the floor, but still think it is acceptable to flick butts out of the car window.
  • Smoking-related waste is litter and we have zero tolerance for it.

Butts in Drains £100

How are we dealing with smoking-related waste?

Under the 1990 Environmental Protection Act, it is an offence to cause littering. There are many legal definitions of litter but, generally, it is waste that has been unlawfully abandoned or scattered in a public place.

Those who drop their cigarette butts or throw them from cars will be have enforcement action taken against them in exactly the same way as those who refuse to use litter bins or dog-waste bins.

If you are seen to drop litter we will, under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, issue you with a £100 fixed penalty notice, reduced to £75 of paid within 10 days.