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Environmental Permitting

You may need to apply for an environmental permit if you run an industrial process that pollutes the environment.

It is against the law to not hold an environmental permit if your process falls under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2016.

For example this includes:

  • Vehicle re-sprayers
  • Waste oil burners
  • Cement works
  • Mobile crushing plant
  • Petrol Vapour Recovery permits for petrol stations.

A full list of regulated activities is available from the Environment Agency website:

Environment Agency - Guide to Environmental Permitting »

We regularly check industrial processes to make sure they have a permit and are compliant with the law. 

Types of Environmental Permit

There are three categories of permit – Part A (1), Part A (2) and Part B detailed in the Environmental Permitting Regulations (2016).

Part A1 Permits

Sites which are likely to have a greater environmental impact are known as Part A(1) processes and Permits for these sites are issued and controlled by The Environment Agency. These sites will be subject to more rigorous controls due to their increased potential to have a significant impact on the environment.

Part A2 Pemits

Medium sized sites which may have a large environmental impact to land, water and air will fall under this permit category. These processes are regulated by Dover District Council and an operator of such a process must apply to us for a Permit.

Part B Permits

Smaller sites which may give rise to emissions to air may fall under this category of permit. This includes process like; vehicle re-sprayers, dry cleaners and petrol service stations.  These processes are regulated by Dover District Council and an operator of such a process must apply to us for a Permit.

If you are an operator of an installation and you think you may beed a Permit you can determine which catergory of process you are by viewing the activities listed in Schedule 1 of the EP Regulations.

There are process guidance notes for each of the insulation types which can be found here.

Apply for a Permit

Before you apply you need to check which permit you need.

For permits that fall under part A (2) and part B of the Environment Permitting Regulations you will need to apply to us. For Part A (1) permits you need to apply to the Environment Agency.

Please see the below weblinks to application forms for the most frequently applied permits:

Please be advised that there is a application fee which must be paid before we can consider an application. Please follow the guidance on the application forms regarding this. A list of the fees for Environmental Permits can be found here.

Should the links above not cover the permit type you need then please email our team at envprotection@dover.gov.uk to assist with your application.

Environmental Permit Register

You can view a copy of our Environmental Permit Register by clicking on the link below:

IPPC Permit Register