Air Quality

Garden bonfires »

Garden bonfires produce smoke which contains carbon monoxide and toxic fumes.  Bonfires can ruin a neighbour's enjoyment of their garden, prevent windows being opened and prevent them hanging out their washing.

Open fires and wood burning stoves »

Guides to help you maximise efficiency - burn less fuel, reduce maintenance costs and keep chimneys good condition.

Air quality monitoring »

We are part of the Kent Air Quality Partnership, which  works towards improving the quality of Kent's air. 

Environmental permitting »

In order to reduce and control emissions to air, land and water organisations that use specific industrial processes must apply for a permit to operate. 

Report an air pollution problem »

Report smells, air pollution, smoke, dust or steam.

Report smoky vehicles »

Some vehicles emit dense plumes of smoke and may not meet legal emissions standards. They may be Dirty Diesels! Dirty Diesels cause air pollution, can be a health hazard and are bad for the environment. 

Clean Air Day

Information relating to the  UK’s largest air pollution campaign



  • Contact: Environmental Protection Team
  • Telephone:01304 872428
  • Address: Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Honeywood Close, Whitfield, Dover, Kent, CT16 3PJ