Dog Barking

Dogs bark for various reasons. Barking or howling can disturb neighbours, often when the dog owner is out of the house. Dog barking can amount to a statutory nuisance that could lead to enforcement action being taken against the dog owner.

Dogs may bark for any of these reasons:

  • Defending territory
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Attention seeking
  • Medical reasons

Here are some tips to help prevent your dog from causing noise problems:

  • Don’t leave your dog outside if it wants to be let in
  • Try to keep your dog calm. Do not over-excite the dog late at night
  • If your dog barks at certain times of the day, keep it busy, take it for a walk
  • When you go out take your dog with you or ask a friend or relative to look after it
  • If you have to leave your dog at home alone exercise it before you go
  • Some dogs become calm on hearing a voice. Put a radio on quietly if you leave your dog at home
  • If you are not returning before dark, leave a light on before you go
  • Make sure your dog’s basket is comfortable

You may wish to consult your vet as dogs may bark when they are ill or anxious. Your vet may refer your dog to an animal behaviourist who may suggest methods to improve your dog’s behaviour.


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  • 01304 872428 (during office hours)
  •  01304 821199  (outside office hours). Noise can be most disturbing at night and in normal times we offer a limited weekend  out of hours service.  This runs 
  • from 8pm on a Friday evening until 3am on a Saturday morning
  • from 8pm on a Saturday evening until 3am on a Sunday morning.
  • on Sundays,  if the following day is a Public Holiday, from 8pm until 3am on Monday morning.
  • You must be registered to use the service. Officers will also visit if 3 independent calls are received regarding a dog barking.
  • email:

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