Important Message: As from Monday 17 January 2022, DDC will be suspending its garage waiting list and will not be taking on any further applicants. There is currently a very long waiting list for people wishing to rent a garage and therefore the list will be suspended until the numbers reduce. 

 There are a range of garages located across the Dover District that provide useful parking and storage for cars and motorbikes.

How much does it cost?

the rental costs for garages are listed below, these are subject to change on an annual basis:

  Weekly Cost 2023/24 Weekly Cost 2024/25
Standard (tenants and private) £17.00 £19.00
Town Centre (tenants and private)  £28.00 £24.00
The Gateway, Dover (tenants and private)  £28.00 £27.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT

How do I apply for a garage? 

  • Unfortunately garage applications are currently temporarily closed due to high waiting lists. Please check back at a later date.
  • Make sure to read the Garage licence agreement

What happens next?

Your details are then placed on our waiting list and you are contacted by us, either by phone, email or letter when you are at the top of the waiting list and a garage in your selected area is available. Please bear in mind that some areas are more popular than others so the waiting list may be longer.

Paying for the garage

You will need to set up a Direct Debit to pay for your garage on the 7th of each month.
You will also have to pay an upfront fee for your garage which is 2 weeks rent in advance.
Please note: The upfront fee amounts starts from £22.20 and may be higher depending on the date you sign up and your garage location).

What can the garage be used for?

We will rent you a garage to store your car, other motor vehicle or for general storage. You must not use the garage for any business, trade or professional purpose. You must not store inflammable or potentially dangerous substances or materials, with the exception of fuel contained in the tanks of garaged vehicles.


We will keep the structure and exterior of the garage in good repair. If you would like to report a repair directly to Mears, please telephone 0800 0234 320. You are responsible for repair or replacement of any item damaged due to any act or neglect on your part or by members of your household or visitors. Please note that garages are sufficiently wind and watertight to store a car but are not dry enough to store domestic items. Please be aware: replacement keys or locks for your garage are your responsibility.

What happens if I do not pay?

If the rent is not paid, we may end the garage licence by serving you with a Notice to Quit. When the licence is ended we will change the locks and remove all items from the garage. We may charge you for any costs incurred.

Insuring the garage

We do not insure the contents of the garage so you will need to arrange this with your insurance provider.

Ending the garage licence

You can bring the garage licence to an end on any Monday by giving 7 days' prior notice in writing. You are responsible for ensuring the garage is left clear of your belongings. We will charge you for the cost of removing any items or rubbish left in the garage once your licence has ended.

Locations of garages

We have a number of different garage locations across your area, which are listed below. Please be aware that due to the popularity of some locations, we may operate a waiting list for some garage areas. If you apply for a popular area, you will be added to the waiting list and updated once a garage becomes available.



  • St Davids Avenue
  • St Giles Close
  • St Richards Walk
  • Sunny Corner


  • Auckland Crescent
  • Cleveland Close
  • Florida Close
  • The Linces
  • Maine Close
  • Melbourne Avenue
  • Simcoe Terrace
  • Wolfe Terrace

Green Lane Estate

  • Fulbert Road
  • Rokesley Road
  • Peverell Road
  • Colton Crescent
  • Hirst Close

St Radigunds

  • George Street
  • Primrose Road

Town Centre

  • Godwyne Close*
  • Harold Street*
  • Leyburne Road
  • Mount Road
  • Pencester Court*
  • St Monicas, Folkestone Road
  • Westbury Crescent
  • York House
  • The Gateway

*These garages have a higher rent amount per week

Tower Hamlets

  • Astor Avenue
  • Wyndham Road


Middle Deal

  • Delane Road
  • Diana Gardens
  • Dola Avenue
  • Edinburgh House
  • Travers Road
  • William Pitt Avenue

Mill Hill

  • Pilots Avenue
  • Trinity Place

North End

  • Canute Road
  • Ethlebert Road
  • Harold Road

St Richards Road

  • Elizabeth Carter Avenue
  • Little Avenue
  • St Martins Road
  • Wilson Avenue

Telegraph Road

  • Freemens Way


  • Owen Square
  • Palmerston Avenue
  • Wellesley Avenue


  • St Barts Avenue
  • Hazelwood Meadow

Rural Areas


  • Cauldham Close


  • Queens Lea


  • Queens Rise

St Margarets-at-Cliffe

  • Churchill Close

Temple Ewell

  • Templeside

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