Selling a leasehold property

Who provides my purchaser with the information about my property?

When you sell the property you will be required to provide information to the purchaser. This will be part of the seller’s information pack. The information will usually include details on the expiry date of the lease, service charges, insurance, major works and any disputes. This information is available from the Council if you are unable to provide the information yourself and is normally requested by your solicitor.

If you need a Fensa window/door certificate this can be obtained from the Fensa Certificate Register website. Certificate registration should have been carried out by the company who installed the windows/doors. On the website you can search by entering your postcode and house number and it will show certificates registered to your address. There is a cost to download the certificate.

Is there a fee to the Council for providing information to my Purchaser?

Yes. There will be a charge for providing this information. In addition the Council will be required to provide the purchaser with information relating to likely service charge costs they can expect in the next few years.

How is the service charge divided when I sell?

We provide details of how much the service charge is and how much has been paid. Any outstanding amounts need to be paid as part of the sale. We do not get involved in how you agree with your buyer to settle the outstanding charges. Please note there may be money owed for the previous year that have not yet been invoiced.

How are you notified when the sale has been completed?

The solicitor acting on behalf of the buyer should notify us and provide a copy of the assignment once the sale is completed.