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Leaseholder Information

What is a leasehold?

Find out what constitutes a leasehold and what are the owners responsibilities.

Buying, selling and letting

Information about buying, selling and subletting your leasehold property.

Service Charges

What you have to pay and what it covers.

Gas safety

Important information regarding leasehold properties.

Major works

What happens if we need to carry out major works to your building?

Altering the leasehold property

Information on making changes to your property.

Reporting Repairs for leaseholders

How to report a repair in the communal area of your home or for a structural repair.

Useful information for leaseholders

See what your responsibilities are, and what to do when we need to fix something.

Contact the Homeownership Officer

If you cant find the information you need on the website, contact them directly on homeownership@dover.gov.uk