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Subletting a leasehold property

What does subletting mean?

This is when you let out your property to someone else, this means that you become a landlord and are responsible for the acts of your tenants.

If I sublet who pays the service charge?

The payment of service charges and ground rent are still your responsibility. You will need to give Dover District Council your up to date contact details for you, your tenant and any Management Company in case of emergencies or problems caused by defects within your property and so we can consult with you on any issues such as service charges.

Do I have to let anyone else know I am subletting?

You may need to obtain consent from your bank or building society. Lodgers and sub-tenants do not have the same rights as you. So if your property is repossessed, they could be evicted.

Do I need a gas safety check?

Yes. You must service the gas supply and appliances in the property annually, and provide your tenant with a copy of the safety check certificate.

What information will the Council need?

You must supply copies of documents, including tenancy agreement, lease and gas and electric safety certificates as requested. You may be required to pay a reasonable fee to the council before registering each sub-lease.

What happens if my tenant causes anti social behaviour?

You must ensure that your tenant does not breach the conditions of the lease. We will take legal action against you as the Lessee if conditions are broken. If the issues are not resolved we may apply for Forfeiture of your lease and reclaim the lease. You would then lose your property.

Is there a fee?

No there is no fees for subletting in our district.