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Money troubles?

What to do if you fall behind with rent

If you fall behind with paying your rent we will try to contact you to find out if you are having money troubles.  If we can’t get in touch by text, phone or post we may arrange a visit to your property.

How YOU can contact your rent team:

  • Contact the team
  • Write to us at: Housing Team, Council Offices, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3PJ

Fallen behind with your rent or need a little help with your benefits?

We have two dedicated Benefit and Money Advisors employed especially to help and signpost tenants regarding their Benefits, including claiming for housing costs. Our specialist will be able to advise you on claiming housing costs and maximising your income and where appropriate, refer you to other agencies, who may be able to help.

Further help and advice

If you are worried about keeping up with your rent repayments there are a lot of organisations who can offer free and impartial advice: