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Our repair responsibilities

Some of the repairs needed in your home are our responsibility and some are yours. Before you report a repair please look at the repairs you are responsible for section -  so you can be sure the repair is one we need to fix for you.

Our repair responsibilities to you

  • Looking after the structure of your home - we are responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure 
  • Gas safety - We need to carry out an annual safety check and service of every gas  or solid fuel fuel heating system – please make sure you allow us access to do Your repair responsibilities this important safety check. 
  • The outside of your home - This includes looking after your chimney, roof, drains, gutters, outside pipes, outside doors and windows including their frames 
  • Inside your home - Plaster work (excluding minor surface cracks), internal plumbing, power and lighting, carpentry such as floors and stairs (but not kitchen / bathroom units or cupboards).
  • The area around your home - This covers the front path or steps leading to your home and any shared areas of the building your home may be part of – such as a garage or a public area like stairwells,  entrances or shed area.
  • If you live in a flat - We maintain communal door entry systems, communal TV / satellite systems and lifts as well as stairwells, windows and doors.

Did you know? 
We are only responsible for maintaining fences, gates or garden walls if they border public roads, footpaths or shared areas of the building.

What we aren’t responsible for:

  • Incoming gas or electrical suppliers from the road to the meter – these are the responsibility of the National Grid and your electricity supplier 
  • Public sewers or blockages in private sewers
  • Work to roads, pavements – these are the responsibility of the Kent County Council