This section includes lots of useful information about your Council owned home, including how to report a repair, your responsibilities and advice and tips.

Who to contact

Find out who to contact to report repairs for your local area.

When will my repair be done?

Find out the timeframes for repairs to be completed by.

Your repair responsibility

Find out what you will need to do in your home.

Gas safety

By law we have to check your gas appliances once a year which means we need access to your home.

Your Repair Journey

See what happens when you report a repair and the steps taken to complete the job

Condensation advice

Read advice on how to deal with condensation causing damp and mould in your home.

Disabled adaptations

Find out how to apply for disabled adaptations in your home.

Repairs for leaseholders

Find out what your responsibilities are and what to do when repairs are our responsibility.

Damp in your property


If you have damp and mould, please see our advice or report it directly to us.


Right to repair

We need to carry out certain repairs within an agreed timeline or you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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