Fire safety advice

You may think that a fire will never happen in your home, and hopefully that will be the case, but to make sure – we want you to be aware of the fire risks in your home and what you can do to reduce them.  

Many fires in the home are caused by simple accidents or carelessness, so please make sure you read our fire safety advice, provided in partnership with Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

Download our 'Staying safe in your home' leaflet

if you have any concerns regarding fire safety, please contact and we will direct your concern to the relevant person.

Test Your Smoke Alarm

It could save you and your families life.

Useful fire safety tips and advice

See how you can reduce the risk of a fire.

Free Home and safety checks

Help for older people, vulnerable people and those with young family members.

Make a fire escape plan

Plan your escape route.

Fire safety advice for sheltered housing

Read specific advice for people in Independant Living Schemes/ Sheltered Housing Accommodation

Home safety in high rise accommodation

Read specific advice for residents living in high rise apartments.

Mobility Scooter Advice

Find out why Mobility Scooters must not be stored or charged in communal areas or blocks of flats.