Mobility Scooter Advice

While mobility scooters are great for users, unfortunately they can also create a fire safety hazard that can put lives at risk.

This is especially the case when they are parked in corridors or communal spaces within buildings such as blocks of flats and independent living schemes.

Many of these dwellings are populated by a high proportion of people with limited mobility and therefore they face an increased risk in the event of a fire. Mobility scooters themselves have highly flammable batteries and when ignited can take just minutes to become out of control.

See this video made by Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service which explains the dangers of Mobility Scooters inside buildings: 

Mobility Scooter Charging Advice - YouTube

For this reason, Mobility Scooters are strictly not allowed inside blocks or communal areas.

If you have mobility issues, please speak to your GP for a referral to Occupational Health to get suitable mobility aids and devices. 

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