Looking after your garden

Keeping your garden neat and tidy forms part of your tenancy agreement. Many of our tenants take a great deal of pride in their gardens but not everyone has green fingers so the following advice explains what we expect from you if your home has a garden:

  • You are responsible for keeping your garden neat and tidy. Please do not store furniture or large appliances in the garden area and do not allow rubbish to build up. 
  • You must not put up a greenhouse, garage or shed near the property without our written permission.  We may withdraw this permission if the building becomes unsafe or causes a nuisance.  Some constructions of this type may require planning permission and/or building regulations approval - you will be responsible for obtaining any necessary consent.
  • If you want to build a fish pond, swimming pool or water feature in your garden you will need our written permission.  Please note that you may have to remove these when you end your tenancy at your own expense (we will charge you if we have to do it).
  • You must not remove, alter or replace any fence at your home without our permission.
  • Please do not plant large types of tree in your garden, for example leylandii, conifers, willow, oak and so on.  Their roots can damage the structure of your home.

Having difficulty managing you garden?

Please contact your local housing team. They will be able to advise you if any help is available.  Alternatively, you may wish to consider moving to a home without a garden - again we can help you with doing this.