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Working with our staff and contractors

Our Customer Charter sets out the standards of service you can expect from us, and to help us to deliver our services to you we ask that you:

  • Treat our staff and contractors with courtesy and respect
  • Do not use abusive language, threatening or violent behaviour or behave in a way that might be considered sexist or racist
  • If our staff or contractors need to visit you in your home, please:
  • let us know as soon as possible beforehand if you cannot keep the appointment
  • check their identification before letting them in your home
  • allow them access so that they can carry out their work
  • allow them to complete their work as quickly as possible
  • dress appropriately
  • do not leave young children alone in your property. (We do not allow staff or contractors to enter a property with young children, unless there is an adult present)
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol while our staff and contractors are in your home
  • secure all pets, particularly dogs

Allowing access to your home:

You must allow our staff and contractors to enter the property at reasonable times to inspect its condition, make safety inspections or carry out repairs.

Letting us into your home

We will contact you to make an arrangement to visit your home so if you receive a letter or card in your home asking to make an appointment with us – please contact us to arrange a suitable time for our visit. 

Please be aware that if we don’t hear from you, we will serve a seven-day notice telling you when we will visit. If we arrive for that visit and you don’t let us in or you aren't there when we visit, we may force entry into your home - especially if we need to carry out an important gas safety inspection. We will always leave the property secure when we leave but we will charge you our costs for doing this.  

We will need to access your home once a year to carry out our important gas safety inspection. 

Accessing your home in an emergency

If there is a risk of damage to the property, other properties, or of injury to people, we may need to enter your home straight away. If we enter your property by force in this situation, we will repair any damage we have caused.  If you try to prevent us from entering your home in an emergency, we will charge you the cost of getting into your property.

Beware of bogus callers - If unsure, don’t open the door!

All our staff and repair contractors carry formal identification cards to prove who they are and who they work for.  Please ask to see their identification cards and if you are not expecting their visit or want to check the person is working for us, please contact us.

If you are unsure – please don’t let the person in – even if it’s raining!

Remember: Your safety is very important and it’s best to double check that the person visiting is who they say they are.