Play Areas


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Play Areas

Dover area


Colton Crescent

Connaught Park

Elms Vale Recreation Ground

Kearsney Abbey

Northbourne Avenue

Pencester Gardens

Russell Gardens

St Radigunds

Sheridan Road


Deal Area

Cowdray Square

Marke Wood Recreation Ground

North Deal Playing Fields

Travers Road

Victoria Park

William Pitt Avenue

Wilson Avenue

Sandwich Area

Poulders Gardens

The Bulwarks

The Butts


Aylesham Area

Central Boulevard

Market Place



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play area provisionReview of Play Area Provision 2012-2026 »

Play areas across the district are discussed in ‘Review of Play Area Provision 2012-2026’, which provides a map of all equipped play facilities including those owned by parish councils. Improvements at Dover District Council owned play areas are guided by this adopted strategy.



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