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Refuse Collection FAQs

How often will I receive a collection?

Once every 2 weeks.

What size is the bin?

The bin measures - W 50cm, D 74cm, H 109cm, has a capacity of 180L

What can I put in my bin?

Most general household waste BUT none of the items you can recycle.

Can I collect my waste in a black sack and then move the sack to the grey lidded bin?


What should I NOT put in my bin?

All the items you can recycle:

  • food and drink pots, tubs and trays, bottles and jars, cans, aerosols and cartons.
    These should be placed in your recycling bin
  • Newspaper, pamphlets, cardboard, paper, magazines, brochures, junk mail, office paper, yellow pages.
    These should be placed in your black box
  • All foodstuffs: Meat and fish (raw and cooked including bones), fruit and vegetables (raw and cooked), all dairy products (such as eggs and cheese, breads, cakes, pastries, rice pasta and beans), uneaten food from your plates and dishes, tea bags and coffee grounds.
    These should be placed in your food container

Where do I put my bin for collection?

Your bin needs to be placed at the boundary of your property. On your property at the nearest point to the highway (just inside your gate) that allows the collectors to move the bin freely out to the vehicles.

What happens if my bin is not collected?

If your bin is not collected you will need to report it to the Call Centre within 24 hours and we will return to collect it.

What happens if I forget to put my bin out?

Unfortunately you will be asked to present your bin at the next scheduled date for collection.

What happens if my bin goes missing?

If your bin goes missing on the day of collection then please contact the Call Centre and details of how to get a replacement bin  will be explained. If your bin goes missing at another time contact the call centre and they will arrange for a replacement to be delivered. However there may be a charge for this service.

What Happens if my bin gets damaged?

Please contact the call centre to obtain details of how you can arrange for your bin to be repaired.

What happens if I cannot accommodate a bin on my property?

Alternative containers are available for the properties in the district that cannot accommodate a bin. If you can store bins in a back garden you may be issued with a bin for storage and you will be required to present your waste on your scheduled collection day.

What happens if I have more than I can get in my bin?

The standard wheeled bins used within the district have a capacity of 180 litres and the recycling and food waste accounts for up to 70% of the volume of your waste. If you recycle you should have sufficient capacity. For most households the bin should be adequate to hold fortnightly refuse and only the contents of your bin will be removed. Any additional waste left beside your bin will not be collected.

What happens if I cannot get my bin to the boundary?

Please call contact the Call Centre to arrange an assessment of the situation.

How do I dispose of an item that is too big for my bin?

Please call the contact centre and they will arrange for a "Bulky Collection" for you. There is however a charge for this service. Alternatively you can take any large items to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Please see locations on the web site.

Can I put garden waste into my bin?

No  If there is garden waste in the refuse bin it will not be collected. You will required to remove the garden waste before the bin will be collected.

Can the Council clean my bin?

No unfortunately the Council cannot provide this service. There may be private companies offering this service.

How do I dispose of syringes and clinical waste?

Please call the Contact Centre and they will advise you on the correct course of action.

How do I dispose of any dangerous items of waste?

Please call the Contact Centre and they will advise you on the correct course of action.

Who does the bin belong to?

The wheeled bins belong to the Council.

Do I need to put my waste in bags before I put it in the bin?

No you can put your waste directly into the bin.

How can I get rid of nappy waste?

You can place your used nappies directly into your waste bin with your refuse.

What if I live in a flat?

Communal recycle bins will be provided, the size is dependant on the number of units.

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