Criteria for Refusal

Any one of the following criteria normally results in a refusal of an application for a Disabled Persons Parking Bay (DPPB):

  • Applicant does not hold a Blue Badge
  • Applicant is not in receipt of a qualifying benefit entitlement or does not have the required qualifying benefit rate (i.e. Standard Rate Disability Living Allowance - Mobility Component or Attendance Allowance)
  • Applicant is not driver of the vehicle (unless there are exceptional mitigating circumstances)
  • No general parking problems exist in the street (a survey may be necessary)
  • Current parking restrictions are in force in vicinity of applicant’s home (single or double yellow lines)
  • Close proximity to a junction (generally within 10 metres)
  • Proposed bay is close to, or within, the turning head of a cul-de-sac
  • Width of street less than 3.6 metres (minimum DPPB width is 1.8metres)
  • Suitable off-street parking is available eg drive or garage. (An applicant should be encouraged to provide off-street parking within the curtilage of the property where space exists and vehicle access is possible. However, it is recognised that this will require a vehicle crossing)
  • Other DPPBs are available in the street (the total number of DPPBs in any one street should not exceed 5% of total parking bays available)
  • Safety of highway user compromised, for example on the bow of hill (see Highway Code)
  • Application is for period of temporary disability only

If an application complies with all the criteria, then a site visit is carried out to assess the highway conditions and to establish whether or not a bay can be provided.