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Disabled Parking Bays

Disabled parking bays can be legally provided on the public highway for disabled people who have serious difficulties in walking. There is no charge for a disabled parking bay application.


Apply for a disabled parking bay

Criteria for a successful application

In order for your application to be successful:

  • You must hold a valid disabled Badge (Blue Badge)
  • If under 65 you must be in receipt of entitlement to the higher rate Disability Living Allowance - Mobility Component.
  • If over 65 you must be in receipt of entitlement to Attendance Allowance; or higher rate Disability Living Allowance - Mobility Component or other Mobility Allowance
  • The vehicle must be owned by you
  • If the applicant isn’t the driver of the vehicle, then the driver of the vehicle must be registered at the applicant’s address along with exceptional mitigating circumstances
  • There must be no space available for parking your vehicle within the boundary of your property, such as a garage or driveway.
  • There are parking problems within the road
  • There must be no existing parking restrictions in place
  • The proximity is not close to a junction
  • The bay is not required within the turning head of a cul-de-sac
  • The width of the carriageway must be 6.3m or wider
  • Existing disabled parking bays must account for less than 5% of the available on street parking
  • The bay is not required at a location which may compromise highway safety (example: on a bend or the brow of a hill)
  • Failure to meet any one of these criteria will normally result in a refusal. If you believe that you have exceptional circumstances we do have a process to appeal against a refusal

Summary of the application process

  • If the above criteria are met, the disabled bay parking officer will assess the highway conditions and carry out informed local consultations before proceeding. Should any objections be received the application will be reviewed by the Transport and Project Manager along with selected local councillors.
  • Once approved, an interim bay will be put down all though there is no enforcement at this stage.
  • Within 4-8 months from the above the disabled bay parking officer will promote a formal Traffic Regulation Order to control the way the bay is used. This will involve an advertisement in the local press and on poster nearby the interim bay. Any objections received at this stage will need to be considered and, if upheld, there is a possibility that the bay will be removed
  • Once a Traffic Regulation Order is in place, the use of the bay will be restricted to Blue Badge holders only. Civil Enforcement Officers may issue penalty charge notices from this point forward to vehicles not displaying a valid Blue Badge whilst parked in the bay

Please note

  • The disabled bay parking officer is not qualified to judge an applicant's mobility and therefore proof of disabled entitlement proves the applicant has been ‘judged’ by set criteria and by a fully qualified officer.
  • The applicant will not have exclusive rights to the parking bay. Anyone holding a valid Blue Badge may park in the bay.
  • Review of the bay may occur every 1 to 3 years, which may result in removal of the bay if the criteria are no longer met.

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Appeal an unsuccessful application

If your application has been unsuccessful you have the right to appeal the decision. Details of any unsuccessful applications will be retained by the Council for a period of up to 3 months following notification to the applicant.

This allows the applicant time to appeal to Kent County Council and for the necessary documents to be shared with an officer to assist with the appeal.

Report a Problem

  • If the markings to a disabled parking bay are faded and require repainting.
  • If the ‘blue badge holders only’ plaque requires replacing on the wall or post.
  • If you are unsure if a disabled parking bay is still in use or is no longer required.



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