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Cashless Parking Payments

You can pay for parking using your mobile telephone in car parks throughout the district of Dover.

How cashless parking payments work

RingGo allows you to pay for your parking without having to visit a pay and display machine - you just need a mobile phone and a credit or debit card. Calls to this landline number (01304 892895) will be charged at your normal airtime rate.

You can register for RingGo either on the Internet at  www.myringgo.co.uk  (this is easier than trying to do it at the time that you wish to park) or during your first RingGo call.

When you call RingGo on 01304 892 895  to use the service, if you are a new caller it will ask you for:

  • your number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • the location of where you are parked - each car park has its own individual location number - see below, or the tariff notice boards in the car park.
  • how long you want to park for (in increments of 5 minutes)
  • your card details

Users of this service will pay a 20p convenience charge  to Ringo. Additional services such as a text reminder when your time is about to run out are available at an additional cost.

The next time you call, RingGo remembers you from last time and will ask you:

  • to confirm the vehicle that you want to park
  • to confirm the location
  • how long you want to park for
  • your card security code

How do I extend?

Simply call RingGo again and it will ask you:

  • how long you want to extend for
  • your card security code

Please note that you cannot extend your parking time over the permitted stay period

Is a ticket required? How does a Civil Enforcement Officer enforce?

No ticket is needed. The Civil Enforcement Officer will look up your number plate on their handheld. This will check on the back office system to make sure that you have paid to park through RingGo.

How can I get a VAT receipt?

VAT receipts are available online to view and print at www.MyRingGo.co.uk 

car parks
Car ParkLocation Number
Gazen Salts, Sandwich 3800
Guildhall, Sandwich 3801
The Quay, Sandwich 3802
Beach Street, Deal 3803
Middle Street, Deal 3804
South Street,Deal 3805
Stanhope Road, Deal 3806
West Street (Formerly St Georges), Deal 3807
Town Hall, Deal 3808
Union Road, Deal 3809
Albany Place, Dover 3810
Bench Street, Dover 3795
Camden Crescent, Dover 3811
Ladywell, Dover 3812
Maison Dieu, Dover 3813
Pencester Road, Dover 3814
Norman Street, Dover 3815
Stembrook, Dover 3816


On-Street Parking Bays
On-Street Parking BaysLocation Number
Castle Street, Dover 3820
Pencester Road, Dover 3821
Russell Street, Dover 3819
Seafront (Cars), Dover 3817
Seafront (Coaches), Dover 3828
King Street, Deal 3822
Prince Of Wales Terrace, Deal 3823
Victoria Road, Deal 3824
Beach Street, Deal (2 hours) 3818
Beach Street,Deal 3829
Market Street, Sandwich 3825
New Street, Sandwich 3826

More information

If you have other questions about RingGo, please visit the RingGo help centre at help.myRingGo.com.

We do not refund duplicate parking sessions purchased in error via RingGo.

If a customer has purchased a RingGo session for the wrong vehicle registration in error and realise within 15 minutes of the session being created, you are able to change /amend the active session in the following way:

 1. Via the app. Click on the session in question and provided the session activation is within the 15 minute window, you will see the option to amend the vehicle number plate recorded

2. Online. Use the RingGo Help tab at the top of the screen and under the heading of Popular questions select 'Change vehicle(s) on session / permit'   

3. By replying to any RingGo text message you have received or sending a new text to 81025 with the below syntax:

RingGo correct ABC123

(ABC123 is an example vehicle registration and wording will need to be replaced with the vehicle registration you wish to amend the active session to).

After the correct syntax has been received by RingGo within the allowed 15 minute window, we will amend your number plate for the current active session.

Should they not have made any necessary vehicle changes within the allowed 15 minute window, we would always advise customers to pay again for the correct vehicle.

Contact Parking Services

Tel: 01304 872459
Email: parking@dover.gov.uk