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General Parking Information

All Dover District Council Car Parks in Dover and Deal are operated on a pay and display basis.

Charges are applicable between 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday including Bank Holidays. Parking is free from 6pm to 8am. Parking tickets can be purchased during the free period and are timed to commence from 9am.

Charges also apply on Sundays in the Quay at Sandwich, seafront in Dover, Beach Street (both car park and on-street), in Deal and Camden Crescent in Dover.

Most of our Pay & Display machines accept the Euro and many of our car parks accept Payment by Phone  (these car parks will have signs).

If a machine is out of order, please use the nearest available Pay & Display machine. 

Overnight sleeping, in any vehicle, is not permitted in our Car Parks.

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You may incur a Penalty Charge if you do not display a parking ticket in 'Pay and Display' areas, park outside a marked bay, exceed time purchased, park in a reserved/loading bay or a designated disabled persons bay without displaying a valid permit or disabled persons badge and clock, or on double yellow lines at any time, or single yellow lines during prescribed hours (see time signs for details).

Any enquiries relating to Penalty Charge Notices can be made in person at our area offices or telephone 01304 872459


Telephone 01304 821199

Further Information


Car Park Enquiries

Office hours: 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday.

Tel: 01304 872459
Email: parking@dover.gov.uk