Dropped Crossings

Don't Park Across Dropped Crossings

It is a parking contravention to block or park across or next to a dropped kerb.

Dover District Council will issue penalty charge notices to vehicles parked partly or completely over a dropped kerb in use by the local community.

This action will not be taken at residential properties as it is the job of your local police force to enforce this as obstruction under their powers.


What is a dropped kerb?

Dropped kerbs are where the kerb stone has been lowered to make a gentle ramp for pedestrians, pushchairs, wheelchairs or vehicles. They can be across the pavement, grass verge or cycle track and many of them are indicated by tactile paving.

Why is parking not permitted?

Dropped kerbs are there to assist those who need to cross the road safely or for vehicle access. Blocking this access causes obstruction and is a nuisance for other road users. Both the Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Highway Code state that a driver must not park or wait where a kerb has been lowered.

I am a Blue Badge holder, does this apply to me?

Yes, the Blue Badge is not a licence to park anywhere and no-one should leave a vehicle where it will cause an obstruction. Dropped kerbs are often installed to assist access for pedestrians who have restricted mobility.

How much is the penalty?

The penalty charge for this contravention is set at £70, discounted by 50% if paid within 14 days.

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