Pavement Parking

Dover District Council do not have the power to enforce pavement parking at this time, unless the offending vehicle is a heavy goods vehicle, or there are parking restrictions on the road adjacent to the footpath/verge. Yellow lines apply from the middle of the road, up to the boundary of the property adjacent to the footpath. So if a vehicle is parked on the footpath, and there are yellow lines on the road, we can issue a penalty charge notice as if the vehicle were parked on double yellow lines.

The legislation covering this is currently under review, and it is anticipated that the power to enforce pavement parking, whether there are any parking restrictions or not, will be given to Local Authorities in the near future. In the meantime, pavement parking where there are no parking restrictions is technically an obstruction, and remains a matter for the police.

Please park with consideration for others. Parking on the pavement causes problems not only for pedestrians, but also for wheelchair users and Mothers with prams.

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