Parking Refunds


You can apply for refunds for

  • Pay and Display tickets. We are only able to offer a refund in a situation where our machine/s or systems may be faulty.
  • Parking Permits - please request cancellation through your permit account. We will be notified automatically and any prorate refund calculated and processed back to the card with which payment was made.
  • We do not refund duplicate parking sessions purchased in error via RingGo. If a customer has purchased purchased a RingGo session for the wrong vehicle registration in error and realises within 15 minutes of the session being created, you are able to change to amend the active session the following way:
    • Via the app. Click on the session in question and provided the session activation is within the 15 minute window, you will see the option to amend the vehicle number plate recorded
    • Online. Use the RingGo Help tab at the top of the screen and under the heading of Popular questions select 'Change vehicle(s) on session / permit'.

    • By replying to any RingGo text message you have received or sending a new text to 81025 with the below syntax: RingGo correct ABC123

    • (ABC123 is an example vehicle registration and wording will need to be replaced with the vehicle registration you wish to amend the active session to).

  • After the correct syntax has been received by RingGo within the allowed 15 minute window, we will amend your number plate for the current active session. 

    Should they not have made any necessary vehicle changes within the allowed 15 minute window, we would always advise customers to pay again for the correct vehicle