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Direct Earnings Attachments

We may ask employers to deduct any Housing Benefit overpayments an employee owes us from their pay. This is called a Direct Earnings Attachment. 

Advice for employees

A Direct Earnings Attachment may be considered if you haven't paid your overpayment or set up a payment plan with us. 

Received a letter from us?

If you've received a letter from us about a Direct Earnings Attachment and want to stop your overpayment being deducted from your wages, please complete our online form to set up your payment plan »

If you don't set up a payment plan or make payment in full, we will write to your employer and ask them to make a deduction from your wages. 

Current deduction rates

Weekly net earnings direct earnings attachment rates
Weekly net earnings  % of weekly net earnings 
£100 to £160 3%
£160 to £220 5%
£220 to £270 7%
£270 to £375 11%
£375 to £520 15%
More than £520 20%


Monthly net earnings direct earnings attachment rates
Monthly net earnings  % of monthly net earnings 
£430 to £690 3%
£690 to £950 5%
£950 to £1,160  7%
£1,160 to £1,615 11%
£1,615 to £2,240  15%
More than £520  20%


Where earnings are less than £100 weekly or £430 monthly, the minimum deduction is £10 per week.

Advice for employers 

If an employee is affected, we will write to their employer and ask them to operate the scheme.

You don't have to operate a DEA if:

  • you started your business between 8 April 2013 and 31 March 2014 
  • you have fewer than 10 employees

The employers guide provides advice on what an employer needs to do if they are asked to carry out a Direct Earnings Attachment. 

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