Alcohol - Sale and Supply

Sale of Alcohol By Retail

The sale of alcohol by retail is often the core function of operations such as public houses, restaurants, nightclubs and bars.  It is also a major part of the turnover of supermarkets, cinemas, theatres etc.   A premises licence will be required unless the sale is to another trader who has a premises licence and will be selling to the public under the authority of their own licence.

It is a mandatory condition of any premises licence that includes the sale of alcohol by retail that a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) be appointed.  This is the person who is responsible for the day to day running of the premises although they do not have to be on the premises at all times the sale of alcohol is taking place. 

The DPS must be the holder of a personal licence and no sale of alcohol may take place if there is not a DPS or if the personal licence of the DPS is suspended.

It is also a mandatory condition that all sales of alcohol must be made or authorised by a personal licence holder.  Where the sale of alcohol is to be made by a person who does not hold a personal licence it is strongly suggested that written authorisation to sell be given including the condition that sales to drunks or persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted

Supply Of Alcohol To Members Of A Club

The supply of alcohol to members of a club differs from sale by retail in that it is deemed that the assets of a members club (including alcohol) are owned jointly by the members.  When a member or their guest is supplied with alcohol, the money that is exchanged is not actually a sale; it is to allow an equitable replenishment of the jointly owned stock.

As members clubs have a management committee responsible for the day to day running of the club a DPS is not required.  Such clubs often have a discipline committee to ensure that members behave in accordance with the club rules.

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