Minor Variations

Minor Variations - Covid 19

Small variations can be applied for with the ‘minor variations’ process.   These would normally include:

  • The addition of voluntary conditions
  • The removal of obsolete condition
  • The amending of existing conditions
  • Minor changes to the layout of a premise that taken singly or in conjunction with other variations would not adversely effect the licensing objectives

Certain variations are exempted from the simplified procedures

Application for a minor variation must be made on the appropriate form and accompanied by a fee of £89.  The applicant is not required to advertise the variation in a newspaper.  However, they must display it on a white notice (to distinguish it from the blue notice used for full variations and new applications) and must be in 32 point font for the title and 16 point font  for the body of the text.

We will consult with Responsible Authorities and consider any representations from Interested Parties.  The decision as to whether the variation is a minor variation will be made within 10 days and any determination within 15 days of the application.

If we determine that the licensing objectives could be adversely effected a full variation would need to be applied for.

If it is determined not to allow the minor variation the fee is not refunded so it is advised that the applicant consult with the Licensing Section before making the application.

Contact the Licensing Section

Telephone: 01304 872295
E-mail: licensing@dover.gov.uk