Exempted Activities

These activities do not need a premises licence

  • Live or recorded music if it is incidental to an activity which is not licensed under the Licensing Act 2003.  This includes background music in a public house/restaurant or music in a shopping centre or a lift.  
  • Live television broadcast simultaneously to the event occurring.  
  • Films used in advertising, as part of a demonstration, or as part of an exhibition.
  • Regulated entertainment constituting part of a religious festival or service or at a place of religious worship are not regarded as regulated entertainment.
  • The provision of any entertainment or entertainment facilities at a garden fete will not be regarded as regulated entertainment unless the event is promoted with a view to applying the whole or part of the proceeds for the purpose of private gain.
  • Alcohol provided as a prize in tombola at a garden fete.  Where this occurs the alcohol should be provided in a sealed container and not in an open vessel.
  • Morris Dancers, Hoodeners or similar
  • Regulated entertainment on vehicles whilst in motion.  However if the vehicle stops for more than a temporary stop, e.g. whilst held up in a carnival procession, then a premises licence may be required.

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