Premises Licences

Who needs a premises licence?

You will need a premises licence if your business provides any of the following:

  • alcohol
  • hot food or hot drinks between 11pm-5am
  • live music
  • recorded music
  • performances of dance and/or plays
  • filming of events
  • indoor sporting events, including boxing or wrestling entertainment

Apply for a premises licence »

Request a copy of your Premises/Club Premises Certificate

To request a replacement licence you will need to register for the  Resident and Customer Portal and log in.  Once logged in please select 'requests' and then select the relevant request subject when prompted.   You will then be able to log your request and view it online.

Forms fees and guidance for your application

  • Current applications »
    A list of the current premises licence applications.
  • Objections »
    Representations (objections) must be ‘relevant’ and relate to one or more of the licensing objectives.
  • Transferring a premises licence »
    An application must be made if you want to transfer a premises licence.
  • Children & alcohol »
    Guidance on the requirements relating to children and premises that are allowed to sell alcohol.
  • List of exempt activities »
    Some activities do not need a licence.
  • Notice of Interest »
    Where a person has an interest in a property that is subject to a premises licence they may give notice to the Licensing Authority of that interest.
  • Provisional statements  »
    You can apply for a clear indication that a premises licence will be issued prior to making a premises application.  This could be in circumstances where there will be a substantial financial commitment.  
  • Community Premises »
    Community premises are allowed to apply to have the standard mandatory conditions removed from their premises licence. 
  • Village & Community Halls »
    Community or village halls should be used by the community as a whole and not just a small section of the community.
  • Minor Variations »
    Small variations that will not impact adversely on the licensing objectives are subject to a simplified ‘minor variations’ process.
  • DPS Consent »
    Consent of individual to being specified as premises supervisor

Contact the Licensing Team

Telephone: 01304 872295