Notice of Interest

Where a person has an interest in a property that is subject to a premises licence they may give notice to the Licensing Authority of that interest.

The notice of interest must be on the prescribed form and accompanied by the prescribed fee.   The notice has effect for a period of 12 months beginning with the day it is received by the licensing authority.

Once a notice of interest has been given the person has the right to be informed if any change relating to the premises to which the notice relates is made to the register.

If such a change does occur the licensing authority must forthwith notify the person who gave the notice:

(a) of the application, notice or other matter to which the change relates, and

(b) of his right under section 8 to request a copy of the information contained in any entry in the register

) For the purposes of this section a person has a property interest in premises if:

(a) he has a legal interest in the premises as freeholder or leaseholder,

(b) he is a legal mortgagee (within the meaning of the Law of Property Act 1925 (c. 20)) in respect of the premises,

(c) he is in occupation of the premises, or

(d) he has a Prescribed Interest in the premises

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