Provisional Statements

Where a person wishes to build a new premises or substantially alter an existing premises they may wish to obtain a clear indication that a premises licence will be issued prior to making a substantial financial commitment.  In these circumstances it is possible to apply for a provisional statement.

Application for a provisional statement must be made and must be accompanied by:

  • the relevant fee,
  • a schedule of work and
  • a copy of the plans

The application must be advertised in the same way as a premises licence and representations will be taken in the 28 day representation period.

In the event of valid representations that cannot be resolved a hearing will be held in the same way as an application for a premises licence.

If a provisional statement is granted application may be made for a premises licence on completion of any work.  Provided there have been no substantial changes to the building as approved by the provisional statement no further representations may be made if :

  • it can been shown that the person making the representation could have reasonably  been expected to do so at the time the provisional statement was applied for
  • there have been no material change in the circumstances of the premises or in the vicinity of them

It is possible to apply for a premises licence for premise that have not been constructed provided the plans and operating schedule are sufficiently detailed to allow a reasonable appreciation of the operation to be made.

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