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Commonwealth Memorial, Dover Consultation

Commonwealth Memorial Project Design


This consultation has now closed and we are reviewing the survey results

The proposal

The Commonwealth War Memorial, Western Heights, Dover is a unique proposal to provide a Memorial which names all 1.7 Million Commonwealth soldiers, sailors and airmen along with members of the Merchant Navy who lost their lives in World War I and World War II.

The design includes 12 white granite walls. On each wall will be inscribed the names of casualties recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 

arial view of site

Original aerial photograph of existing site by webbaviation.co.uk


The plans for the Memorial are being developed using special Libor funding which is awarded by Central Government to promote activities to support and honour armed forces veterans.

Dover District Council is facilitating the planning stage of the project and intends to attract an independent trust to deliver and manage the Memorial during construction and operation.

Project Timeline

  • Subject to a successful planning application, the Council hopes to attract funding and handover to the Trust in 2018
  • Construction is hoped to begin by Armistice Day 2018, a century after cessation of hostilities in World War I
  • Construction is likely to take several years to complete


Public exhibition

Presentation panels from the public exhibition held in November 2017

Panel 1 .    Panel 2 .    Panel 3  .  Panel 4

Artist impressions by Baca Architects with Cosmoscube.

Commonwealth Memorial Project Design