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Leader and Cabinet

Who is in the Cabinet?

The Council's Cabinet is composed of 6 members (the Deputy Leader also holds a portfolio position) from the majority Labour Group. 

Leader of the Council  Councillor K Mills
Deputy Leader of the Council Councillor J L Pout
Portfolio Holder for Community & Corporate Property  Councillor C D Zosseder
Portfolio Holder for Finance, Governance, Climate Change & Environment Councillor S H Beer
Portfolio Holder for Housing, Skills & Education Councillor P M Brivio
Portfolio Holder for Planning & Built Environment Councillor E A Biggs
Portfolio Holder for Transport, Licensing & Environmental Services Councillor J L Pout

What does the Cabinet do?

The Cabinet, which includes the Leader of the Council, is the Executive, or decision-making body, of the Council. The Cabinet meets once a month and consists of the Leader plus five councillors who are appointed by the Leader. Cabinet members are usually drawn from the largest political group on the Council. Each member of the Cabinet has responsibility for one or more areas of Council work (known as ‘portfolios’), such as environment, transport, etc.

The Cabinet’s role is to make decisions on day-to-day matters, consistent with the Council’s overall policies and budget. Where Cabinet decisions fall outside the Council’s policy and budget strategy, these must be referred to the Council for consideration as a whole.








K Mills

  • Leadership
  • Transformation
  • Economic Development
  • Place Making
  • Corporate Plan
  • Inward Investment
  • Human Resources (Health & Safety)


Deputy Leader

The Deputy Leader supports the Leader, including if for any reason the Leader is unable to act or the office of the Leader is vacant, acting in the Leader’s place.

J L Pout

  • Political Management Processes
  • Communications
  • Digital Services 
  • Kent County Council lead


Community and Corporate Property

C D Zosseder

  • Non-Housing Assets 
  • Parks and Open Spaces, Natural Environment and HLF Kearsney Abbey
  • Parking Services
  • Events 
  • Community Services 
  • Museums, Heritage, VIC and Tourism


Finance, Governance, Climate Change and Environment

S H Beer

  • Finance and Investment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Climate Change and Environment


Housing, Skills and Education


P M Brivio

  • Housing (excluding Private Sector Housing)
  • Homelessness
  • Skills and Education
  • Health and Wellbeing


Planning and Built Environment

E A Biggs

  • Planning and Development 
  • Waste Services


Transport, Licensing and Environmental Services

J L Pout

  • Port Health & Environmental Services
  • Licensing
  • Transport


Public Participation

All meetings of Dover District Council’s Cabinet are open to the public and further details can be found on the website under Public Access to Information. The meetings are usually held at the Council Offices, Whitfield although the Cabinet will meet in other locations as deemed appropriate from time to time.


Past Leaders of the Council

A list of the past Leaders of the Council 


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