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Frequently asked questions about Sheltered housing -

The following questions have been put together to provide useful information for those people who want to know more about Sheltered Housing.

Will there be staff on site?
Our team look after a number of schemes in the area but they make sure that they visit and contact local residents through a weekly scheme at a set time each

Can I get involved with improving the service?
Yes, we have a local group called Dover District Tenant Group who meet regularly with us to oversee and discuss ways to improve the housing service. We also have other ways to get involved.

What will happen if I have an emergency or I need to speak to an Independent Living Manager on an important matter?
The emergency alarm system is  linked to a central communications centre - called Lifeline.  When needed, you can request help in an emergency and the staff at Lifeline will be able to contact a relative, a doctor or an emergency service as you require.

Will there be social activities?
Most schemes have a communal lounge where residents can meet for coffee and other social activities.  The activities arranged vary from scheme to scheme and are generally organised by tenants living within those schemes.

Can I bring my car/ mobility scooter?
Most schemes have a car park for you to use and some may also have mobility scooter parking and charging facilities.  It's is important to know that unfortunately some schemes do not have any space to store mobility scooters – so please discuss your personal needs with your scheme manager so you are fully aware of what is available at your scheme.

Can I bring a pet?
If the property is suitable for a small pet such as a small dog or a cat then you should be able to bring your pet with you.  However we do ask that you discuss this with your Independent Living Manager as it may depend on the number of pets already living in the scheme.

Is sheltered housing  like an old people’s home?
Not at all - unlike an old people's home - you actually have your own private home with its own entrance, living areas, bathroom and bedroom. Just like a tenant living in any council home, we want you to enjoy your home and we expect you to live by the terms of the tenancy agreement and any rules in individual schemes. You can choose to be involved or take part in things that happen locally in your scheme - it's up to you and what you want to do.  Every resident is encouraged to have a say in how the schemes are run and regular meetings are held for you to join in and take part in discussions.

Will I be able to have a friend to stay?
Some schemes have a guestroom which can be hired at a reasonable cost for a friend or family member to use. You will need to check availability and costs with the Independent Living Manager.

How will you know what support I need?
When you have moved in, your manager will complete an independent living plan with you. This will identify any support requirements you may have, and put you in touch with support organisations that may be required.  Your manager will ask for your doctor’s name and that of your next of kin.   If you are taken ill or your support needs change, we will update your independent living plan to make sure any changes are made.

Who will have access to my personal details?
All personal information will be locked  away in the office and will only be  passed on to others on a “need to know” basis. The manager will ask for your permission first where possible.

What is the fire safety advice for sheltered accommodation?
Our schemes follow a 'stay put' fire safety policy and the details of what you need to do are explained here.