Leaseholder FAQs

We get asked lots of questions and we felt it might be useful to share the most common questions and questions with you:

How many years is the lease for?

A standard lease is 125 years from when you first purchase under the Right to Buy (RTB).  When sold on the open market it will be the remaining number of years since the original purchase date (eg purchased under RTB in 2002, sold in 2013, years remaining = 114 years).

How much will I pay towards any work carried out to my block of flats?

Your proportion of the costs will be as specified in your lease.  These are worked out by rateable value or as a percentage of the number of properties in the block as stated in your lease.

Will my service charges be the same each year?

No.  Your bill can vary greatly depending on what works are carried out in the block.  Listed below are examples of a small and a large major works charges:-

  • Replacement of soil stack  – example cost to leaseholder = £3242
  • External Painting – example cost to leaseholder = £132

As a Leaseholder am I allowed to sub-let my property

Yes.  Please notify us of your tenants name, the date they moved in and where you are now living so that we can send any correspondence to the appropriate address. 

Do I need my own insurance?

Yes.  You will need to arrange contents insurance.  The Council arranges Buildings Insurance and you pay your share through your service charges 

What items come under internal structural repairs?

Whilst there is no definitive answer, as a general rule whatever is inside your flat is your responsibility.  What responsibilities lay with you and what lie with the Council is defined by your lease.  Your lease may state, for example, that the ceiling is your responsibility but the floor is the Councils.

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