Beware of Bogus callers

Who’s knocking at your door?

All our staff and repair contractors carry formal identification cards to prove who they are and who they work for.  If anyone visits you, please ask to see their identification cards and if you are not expecting their visit or want to check the person is working for us, please give us call.  

If you are unsure – please don’t let the person in – even if it’s raining!


  • Your safety is very important and it’s best to double check that the person visiting is who they say they are.
  • If something seems too good to be true – it often is.  It’s worth checking with a family friend or trusted friend before you sign up for any work or hand over any money.

Follow these tips to keep Bogus Callers at bay:


Always keep your back and front door locked when you are at home or even if you just pop out for a brief moment.


If there is someone at your door, stop and think whether you are expecting anyone.  Always ensure that the back door is locked before answering the front door. 

This will make sure that nobody can access your house via another entrance when you are distracted.


If you decide to open the door, always put the door bar or chain on first.  Keep the chain on while you talk to the person on the doorstep. 

When the door is closed, remove the chain just in case you need to escape quickly.


If a stranger wants to enter your house and claims that they are an official from a utility company, local authority or any other organisation, always ask for ID

If they are genuine, they will be more than happy to show you their ID.  Do not open the door, or release it from the chain or latch, until you have verified that their ID is genuine. 

If they do not show you their ID, or the ID that they show you looks suspicious, shut the door, tell them that you will not let them in. 

If they continue to hassle you, tell them that you are calling the police. 

If they refuse to leave, pick up the phone and call the police direct on 999

If you are unsure, don’t open the door!

Contact us to check the visitor is from or working on behalf of DDC

If you receive a visitor who tells you they are from Dover District Council or working on behalf of us, but they don't show you an ID badge and you have not received a letter from us telling you about our visit, please get in touch with us to check BEFORE you let them in:

Please choose option 2 for repairs and choose the option about enquiries about kitchens, bathrooms and speak to a member of our planned repairs team.

Spot a Bogus Caller in your area?
Report them to Kent Police using the 101 phone number.  If you are a victim of a fraud from a bogus caller please report it – so it can be stopped from happening again.

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