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Planned and Major Works

 See our planned programme of works:


Kitchen replacement programme


Bathroom replacement programme


Roof replacement programme

External Decoration to Houses

Programme of works to improve external decoration including painting, rerendering and repointing.

External Decoration to Flats

Programme of works to improve external decoration including painting, rerendering and repointing.

Windows and Doors

Our programme to replace windows and doors.

Boiler Replacements

Helping to keep you warm and  comfortable, improving efficiency and avoiding the need for repairs.

Aids and Adaptations

Adaptations made in partnership with your Occupational Therapist and Kent County County to help you live independently in your own home.

What are planned and major works?

Planned and Major works are types of work that are required to a property for a number of reasons. These include replacement of ‘component’ parts of the property including kitchens, bathroom, roofs, windows, doors etc that have reached the end of their expected lifespan, or require numerous and/or frequent repairs. It therefore becomes more economical to replace the part rather than constantly repair it and by doing this not only improves the condition of the property, but also reduces the number of responsive repairs required.

Dover District Council is also committed to improving homes and to keep our properties in a condition that meets and exceeds where possible, the requirements of the Governments Decent Homes Standard. This gives guidance on how each property must meet four set standards which are:-

That it meets the current statutory minimum standard for housing

  • It is in a reasonable state of repair
  • It has reasonably modern facilities and services
  • It provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort.

You can find out more information about the Decent Homes Standard.


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