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Residents Parking Scheme Conditions of Use

  • Permits are only available for motorcars, motorcycles (with or without) sidecar and light vans not exceeding 3,500 kgs in weight.
  • To qualify for a permit, the vehicle must be taxed and have a current MOT.  If a vehicle is found to not be taxed or have a valid MOT, the permit may be withdrawn/refused.
  • Two permits can can now be purchased for each household.  However, only one permit may be issued for Zone C residents.
  • Any contravention of the conditions of the Traffic Order (which is available for inspection during working hours at our local offices) will render the permit invalid and the permit will be withdrawn
  • The purchase of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space, but will exempt the vehicle from the time restriction within the zone for which the permit has been issued
  • The permit does not entitle the vehicle to be parked on yellow line restrictions anywhere in the District or in pay and display areas on-street, except Deal Zone 2, where the permit is valid for parking in Beach Street On-Street Pay and Display bays, north of the Royal Hotel
  • Refunds will be given on surrender of a permit .
  • You may have two registration numbers on one permit, but only one vehicle may make use of the permit at a time and it is your responsibility to access your online permit account and select whichever vehicle you wish to be actively covered by the permit on any given day (daily if need be).
  • The Council shall have the discretion not to issue permits to any person who has three or more unpaid and unchallenged Penalty Charge Notices, being those Penalty Charge Notices where payment is lawfully due.
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