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Residents Parking Permits

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Residents permits - conditions of use »

  • A vehicle may be parked without time limit in a marked bay as indicated below, once a valid permit has been purchased.
  • The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a space and does not allow parking on yellow lines
  • Residents or households are entitled to two Residents’ Parking permits ; except for Zone C in Dover.
  • If two vehicles are entered on one permit, the onus is on the permit holders to 


  • Deal Zone 2 - £100 per year
    Beach Street (Nos 25-205), Brewer Street, Chapel Street, Coppin Street, Dolphin Street, Exchange Street, Farrier Street, George Street, Golden Street, Griffin Street, Ivy Place, Market Street, Middle Street, New Street, North Street, Oak Street, Silver Street, St.George's Passage (off High Street) and West Street.

  • Deal Zone H - £60 per year
    College Road (Ark Lane to Alfred Square), Victoria Road, Wellington Road, Blenheim Road (Wellington Road to Queen Street), The Railway Line between Queen Street and Western Road, Queen Street (to the railway line), Western Road (the railway crossing to West Street), Beach Street (King Street to Prince of Wales Terrace), West Street, George Alley, Duke Street, Nelson Street, Sondes Road, Water Street, Princes Street (to Ark Lane), Peter Street, Alfred Square, High Street, King Street, Prince of Wales Terrace, Deal Castle Road and The Avenue.

  • Deal Zone L - £60 per year
    Blenheim Road, Beaconsfield Road, Gilford Road and Hope Road.

  • Deal Zone N - £60 per year
    Astor Drive, Beechwood Avenue, London Road, Mll Road
  • Deal Zone P - £60 per year
    All Residents of Bridgeside,  Odd Numbers 1 - 9 London Road,  Even Numbers 10 - 26 London Road,  Even Numbers 28 - 68 Albert Road.


  • Dover Zone A - £60 per year
    Maison Dieu Place, Wood Street

  • Dover Zone B - £60 or £90 per year
    Snargate Street (Service Road)

  • Dover Zone C - £60 per year
    East Cliff, Marine Parade (Service Road)

  • Dover Zone D - £60 per year
    Effingham Crescent, Effingham Street, Norman Street, Queens Gardens and Saxon Street

  • Dover Zone E - £60 or £90 per year
    Cambridge Road, Camden Crescent

  • Dover Zone F - £60 or £90 per year
    Adrian Street, Albert Road, Bowling Green Terrace, Castle Hill Road, Castle Street no's 1, 3, 5, Chapel Place, Cowgate Hill, Dour Street, Durham Close, Durham Hill, Eastbrook Place, Lancaster Road, Laureston Place, Matthews Place, Military Road, Mount Pleasant, Pauls Place, Priory Grove, St. James' Street (White Horse Public House) and The Paddock.

  • Dover Zone K - £60 per year

    Coombe Close no's 1 & 10, Coombe Valley Road (between Railway Bridge and Poulton Close Roundabout), Lambton Road no's 1 - 20 and MacDonald Road.


Visitor permits

Daily visitor permits can be purchased in books of 10 and cost £22.00 per book


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