Dover Zone E

Zone E Map

Residents parking schemes are available in some areas of Deal, Dover and Sandwich to assist residents and their visitors to park on the street close to their homes.

Parking bays marked on the street permit parking between 8.30am and 5.30pm for the times and days shown on the signs in that area. A vehicle displaying a valid resident or visitor permit may be parked without time limit in a marked bay within the zone for which the permit is purchased.

Disabled drivers displaying a valid blue badge may park without time limit in Limited Waiting parking areas and may not require a resident permit.

Please remember the purchase of a permit does not guarantee a space and does not allow parking on yellow lines.

The Council shall have the discretion not to issue permits to any person who has three or more unpaid and unchallenged Penalty Charge Notices, being those Penalty Charge Notices where payment is lawfully due.

To qualify for a permit, the vehicle must be taxed and have a current MOT.  If a vehicle is found to not be taxed or have a valid MOT, the permit may be withdrawn/refused

Who can purchase a Permit?

You must reside at one of the following addresses to be eligible to purchase a Resident or Visitor Parking Permit for Zone E:

  • Cambridge Road
  • Camden Crescent

Where can I park?

The resident or visitor parking permit for Zone E is valid in the bays marked on the street in the above roads and as shown on the map above


You can have two permits per address:

  • Zone E, parking on street only
  • C02:
  • 0: £35.00
  • 1-50: £70.00
  • 51-130: £90.00
  • >130: £110.00
  • Prices are dependant on the emissions of the vehicle, where a permit has 2 vehicles the price will be based on the vehicle with the highest emissions.
  • Zone E plus Camden Crescent car park
  • C02:
  • 0: £60.00
  • 1-50: £105.00
  • 51-130: £125.00
  • >130: £150.00
  • Visitor tickets:  £4.00 each, or £40.00 per book of 10 


Purchase or amend a permit »

Use our 'My Permit' system to purchase/renew parking permits and visitor passes or change your details.



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