Sandwich Zone J


The Scheme

  • Sandwich Zone J Residents parking permit scheme is available to assist residents that live within the town walls of Sandwich and their visitors to park on the street close to their homes, and in 3 designated Car parks in Sandwich, the permit is valid for 12 months.
  • Dover District Council operate a VIRTUAL permit scheme where you can have two registrations on a permit, but only one car can use the permit at any time. You will need to log into your on-line account (daily, if need be) and “tick” whichever vehicle needs to be covered by the permit on any particular day.
  • To purchase a Sandwich Zone J residents permit you will need to supply proof that you live at the address the permit is for, you will also need to  supply a copy of your V5 registration document showing the vehicle registered to you at your home address.
  • Sandwich Zone J residents may not purchase a permit for a motor home to park in the Quay Car Park.
  • The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a space and does not allow parking on yellow lines.
  • A Vehicle may be parked without time limit in a marked bay as indicated below once a valid virtual permit has been purchased.
  • Residents or households are entitled to purchase two Residents’ Parking permits.
  • Any contravention of the conditions of the Traffic Order, (which is available for inspection during working hours at The Council’s local offices) will render the permit invalid and the permit will be withdrawn.
  • Permits are only available for motorcars, motorcycles (with or without) sidecar and light vans not exceeding 3,500 kgs in weight, 5.55m long, 2.5m high* or 2.1m wide excluding wing mirrors. 
  • Disabled drivers displaying a valid blue badge may park in a marked bay without time limit in Limited Waiting parking areas and do not require a resident’s permit.
  • The automated virtual parking permit system will send the permit holder a reminder one month before the permit expires however the responsibility to renew any Permit on its expiry rests with the Permit Holder.
  • The Council shall have the discretion not to issue permits to any person who has three or more unpaid and unchallenged Penalty Charge Notices, being those Penalty Charge Notices where payment is lawfully due.
  • To qualify for a permit, the vehicle must be taxed and have a current MOT.  If a vehicle is found to not be taxed or have a valid MOT, the permit may be withdrawn/refused


Who can purchase a Permit?

You must reside within the Town Walls and at one of the following addresses to be eligible to purchase a Resident or Visitor Parking Permit for Zone J Sandwich:

  • Austin Lane
  • Bell Lane
  • Bowling Street
  • Cattle Market
  • Church Street
  • Cottage Row
  • Delf Street
  • Fisher Street
  • Fishergate
  • Galliard Street
  • Guildcourt Lane
  • Harnet Street
  • High Street
  • Holy Ghost Alley
  • King Street
  • Knightrider Street
  • Loop Court Mews
  • Loop Street
  • Market Street
  • Millwall Place
  • Moat Sole
  • New Street
  • No Name Street
  • Paradise Row
  • Potter Street
  • Quay Lane
  • Ropewalk
  • Sandown Road - properties located within the Town Walls
  • School Lane
  • Seven Post Alley
  • Short Street
  • St. Peters Street
  • Strand Street
  • Tannery
  • The Bulwark
  • The Butchery
  • The Chain
  • Three Kings Yard
  • Upper Strand Street
  • Vicarage Lane
  • Whitefriars Meadow
  • Whitefriars Way


Where can I park?

The Resident or Visitor Parking Permit for Zone J Sandwich is valid in the limited waiting bays, specifically signed to show that Zone J permit holders can park without time limit. Your permit is not valid in all limited waiting parking bays. There are limited waiting bays in the following roads:

  • Delf Street
  • Fisher Street
  • Harnet Street
  • High Street
  • Knightrider Street
  • Millwall Place
  • Moat Sole
  • New Street
  • Sandown Road
  • Strand Street
  • The Quay
  • Upper Strand Street

        And in the following Car Parks:

  • The Quay - P1 
  • The Guildhall - P2 
  • Gazen Salts - P3


This permit is not valid for parking in the pay and display parking bays in Market Street and New Street.


You can have up to two registrations on each permit (but you can only park one vehicle at any one time) and a maximum of two permits per address for Zone J:

  • Permit prices are between £60.00 and £150.00 for the 1st and 2nd permit purchased depending on the emissions of the vehicle.

Visitor tickets:  £3.00 each, or £30.00 per book of 10

Also available to residents living in Sandwich Zone J is a Sandwich CAR PARKS permit.

You can have up to two registrations on each permit (BUT ONLY PARK ONE VEHICLE AT ANY ONE TIME) and a maximum of two permits per address. You may choose one of the following three car parks listed below.

  • Gazen Salts
  • The Guildhall
  • The Quay.


             Permit prices for 1st and 2nd permit are between £60.00 and £150.00 depending on the emissions

             of the vehicle.


Purchase or amend a permit »

Use our 'My Permit' system to purchase/renew parking permits and visitor passes or change your details.


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